This is a list of the daily Zoom Meeting that will be hosted by the Valley Alano Club. It will be updated monthly so you can have the current host and Zoom link. If you need any assistance please call Tina @ (909)442-2337. You can also donate to our Venmo at @VACrancho


*All meetings come with a password, some may not have one. Please check carefully. Click on link in blue to go directly to Zoom, make sure you have password written down to enter.


**Please note some meetings are now going to Hybrid and you may be included in a live meeting at the Valley Alano Club. If you do not wish to be on camera please let host know prior to start of meeting. **

Day     time    host      link   password

Sunday 9:00 am Tina W  Cross Talk  Password: big7book7

Sunday 9:15 am Darla 11th Step Meeting Password: Serenity

Sunday 10:30 am Tina W. Coffee Talk Password: big7book7


Sunday Noon Tina High Noon Participation   Password: wearetwo56


Sunday 5:30 pm Chris NA Meeting  267 574 731Password: 042588

Sunday 5:30 pm Danny S. Open Participation
  Passwsord: 637340

Monday 12:00 pm Tina High Noon Book Study Password: wearetwo56

Monday 4:00 pm Rachel S. Women's Meeting Password: 325164

Monday 5:30 pm Tina W. Happy Hour Password: big7book7

Tuesday 12:00 pm Tina Daily Reflection   Password: wearetwo56

Tuesday 12:00 pm Shirlee Big Book Study

Tuesday 5:30 pm Ashley Happy Hour Password: bigbook909

Wednesday 12:00 pm Tina Daily Reflection   Password: wearetwo56

Wednesday 12:00 pm Darla Big Book Study https://us04web.zoom/j/124106275?pwd=SIpqQUtOczdBdFptTVk2QTdGZWtkdz09  Password: Serenity

Wednesday 4:00pm Tina W. Step Study Password: big7book7

Wednesday 5:30 pm Ashley Happy Hour Password: bigbook909

Wednesday 8:00 pm Mathew Speaker Meeting Password: 91739

Thursday 12:00 pm Tina High Noon Participation Password: wearetwo56


Thursday 12:00 pm Danny S. Open Participation Password 351988

Thursday 5:30 pm Scott E. Happy Hour Password:  bigbook70

Thursday 5:30 pm Tiffany Women's Meeting Password: sisters

Friday 12:00 pm Tina High Noon Participation Password: wearetwo56

Friday 4:00 pm Darla Big Book Study https://us04web.zoom/j/124106275?pwd=SIpqQUtOczdBdFptTVk2QTdGZWtkdz09  Password: 179714

Friday 5:30 pm Ashley Happy Hour Password: bigbook909

Saturday 7:00 am Felicia E. Spiritual Growth Meeting Password: recovery

Saturday 10:00 am  Tiffany/Tina Women's Meeting Password: sisters

Saturday 12:00 pm Tina Step Study Password: wearetwo56

Saturday 5:30 pm Tina W. Happy Hour Password: big7book7

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